The Cleaning Triangle


The answer is as close to your kitchen sink!


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Next time you have dinner, fill one sink with cold water and the other with hot water. See which cleans faster and better…it’s due to the molecules that make up the water. These tiny molecules are in constant motion and with water, the hotter it gets the faster they move.  Next try the same thing with and without using any soap…the chemical reaction causes the soiling to suspend from the surface.  Now, keep in mind that this exercise is regarding surfaces that are essentially non-porous, while concrete and other exterior surfaces are generally very porous and absolutely require chemical and heat in order to effectively and safely clean.

Svante A. Arrhenuis (1859-1927), a Swedish Chemist, researched the heat-energy relationship and determined that higher temperatures cause molecules to collide with each other creating energy that can cause the molecules of grease and grime to break free from the surface they are attached to. Hot water improves cleaning by substantially lowering the surface tension.

There are three key elements to the cleaning triangle:

1) Chemical, 2) Heat, and 3) Pressure are required to effectively clean most surfaces. The more heat and chemicals you are able to use the less you have to compensate with high pressure that may damage your surface.  Also, the heated water accelerates the chemical reaction.For every 50 F degree increase in temperature, the activity and effectiveness doubles!!

Higher temperatures cause much greater emulsification of oils, grease, and mold. Like the dishes in your sink, hot water cuts grease, grime, and mold, while cold water only pushes it around. Heat eliminates mold spores while cold water can actually enhance their growth.






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The Cleaning Triangle

Chemical, Heat, and Pressure are the three factors required to effectively clean a surface.  Excessive pressure used to compensate for the lack of chemical and heat can cause damage to your property.

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